SpecterOS™ 3.4x magnification rifle sightSpecterOS™ 3.4x - M145 MGO

The SpecterM145™ is a fixed 3.4 power, 28mm Machine Gun Optic (MGO) that has been designed to engage targets accurately out to a range of 1200m. The optical sight weighs 24oz (681 g) and is extremely rugged for rough field conditions. The sight has a 0.3" (8.2mm) diameter exit pupil, which provides the shooter with rapid target acquisition. The long 2 ¾" (70mm) eye relief permits ease of use on high recoil machine guns.

Specifically designed by ELCAN for the U.S. Army and other elite fighting teams for application to Machine Guns, M4 Carbines, M16/AR15 and AR10 rifles, the SpecterM145™ is the U.S. government model (NSN 1240-01-411-6350) of the ELCAN 3.4x magnification optical rifle sight employed as the standard machine gun optical sight (MGO).

The front objective is fitted with a laser filter and Signature Reduction Device. The 10m-1200m ranging reticule is illuminated by a rotary switch (11 levels plus Off). The standard weaver with cross-slots rail mount (Picatinny) attaches quickly to any MIL-STD-1913 receiver or base in seconds with a single torque-limited knob and provides all windage and elevation zeroing corrections. The sight retains zero when removed and reattached to the weapon. Rear and front lens covers flip down for storage and transportation.

SpecterM145 has proven its effectiveness on a variety of high-powered rifles and machine guns, permitting tracer rounds and fall of shot to be clearly seen at extended ranges.

SpecterOS™ 3.4x Specifications | NSN 1240-01-411-6350

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SpecterHR™ Heavy Reflex Biocular Weapon SightSpecterHR™ Heavy Reflex Biocular Weapon Sight

The SpecterHR (Designated ECOS-H Enhanced Combat Optical Sight - Heavy) by ELCAN is a dual red dot reflex sight for heavy calibre and crew-served weapons. It is a sealed, rugged, large window biocular weapon sight with exceptionally fast near target performance (ideal against pop-up threats) and an uncluttered 1 MOA accurate 2-dot reticle for both near and far target engagements.

ECOS-H Magnifier to aid in identification and targetingA top mounted rail allows mounting an optional telescopic sight (ECOS-H Magnifier) to aid target identification and targeting at longer ranges without degrading the system’s ability to rapidly engage close range pop-up threats.

SpecterHR uses large high transmission windows and folded optics which allow both eyes to look through the sight, increase FOV, and enhances targeting from moving platforms in even low light conditions. Unlimited eye relief and a very large freedom of head motion improve CQB performance. SpecterHR™ Specifications

NOTE: Specter™ sighting systems incorporate advanced technologies that may be subject to export licensing restrictions. Please contact Raytheon ELCAN for further information about technology restrictions and product availability.


Specter™ Sights by ELCAN Catalogue

Catalogue available in pdf format


Daniel Pettry
Product Manager, Rifle Sights

Phone:  706.905.1283
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SpecterOS™ 3.4x machine gun optic designated SpecterM145™ by the US Army




SpecterDR™ as ECOS-H Magnifier

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