Specter™ Sights by ELCAN

Specter™ Optical Combat Sights

Raytheon ELCAN has been making advanced sighting systems since 1986 and is committed to ongoing product development to meet specific customer needs and changing operational requirements.

The defining characteristics of Specter™ sights are ruggedness, superior optical performance and unique capabilities. Hundreds of thousands of optical sights by ELCAN are deployed with elite fighting forces around the world as their standard issue sight for small arms, are recognized by military marksmen as being the easiest, most accurate small arms targeting system and are preferred for their operational simplicity, rugged performance and high-precision optics

Combat sights

dual role sights

machine gun sights

NOTE: Specter™ sighting systems incorporate advanced technologies that may be subject to export licensing restrictions. Please contact Raytheon ELCAN for further information about technology restrictions and product availability.

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